Baby Vincente
Vinnie the Son
at 1 week old
Baby picture of Dad
Vince the Dad
as a newborn

Vicente Gina'hit Perez Taitingfong: born on January 25th 1998, 7:52 pm at Guam Memorial Hospital with a weight of 8.6 lbs, length of 18.5 inches, head: 37" chest 36".
Parents: Vince Flores Taitingfong and Lina Porquez Perez. Shown above are physical similarities of son and father at 1 week after birth. After 5 months, vicente began manifesting facial characteristics of his Mom, Lina. The comparision below shows this well. The family currently resides in Washington State. Bless you for stopping by.

Baby Vincente 5 mo.
Vinnie at 5 months
Baby picture of Mom
Lina the Mom as a baby

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