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Clasping of rings.
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Wedding Bliss


Families United

Vince's Family

Lina's Family

Ceremonial Completion

Proceedings Ended

Christmas Millennium

Hagatna Latte Stone

Latte Park.
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Warm Wishes and Blessings
from our Father up above --
The strongest faith,
the brightest hope,
the warmth and joy of love.

Faith, Hope and Love --

These three treasures are
more priceless than gold.
For if you possess them
you've riches untold ...
For with Faith to believe,
what your eyes cannot see.
And hope to look forward
to new joys to be.
And love to transform
the most commonplace
into beauty and kindness
and goodness and grace.
There's nothing too much
to accomplish or do,
for Faith, Hope and Love
will carry you through.

Chamorro Greetings to New Century.

Buenas yan Saludu Para Todos hamyo
tåotao Guåhan yan gi enteru i mundo.

Greetings and salutations to everyone
on Guam and throughout the entire world.

Ohalåra mohon na u måolek
i hinalom i neubu na siklo
ya hu abibiba i ha'anen-miyu
na u såfu, fitme, pås, yan
minguinaha gi manmamaila'
siha na tiempo.

We hope and wish you a good day
and as we enter the new millennium,
we hope you have a safe, enduring, peaceful and
prosperous future.

Biba Ånu Nuebu ya
si Yu'os en

Have a happy new year and
may the Lord
bless you all.